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Sugar, spice, and everything nice...

Asha Leong
26 February 1977
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Notable Quotes:

"femmetron" - "get up Trinity, get up!" - "ridiculous femme" - "sexy guy" - "CLEARly" - "stripper please" - "truth in advertising" - "hello kitty" - "but your naughty! everyone knows that your naughty"

This journal is mostly friends locked, drop me a line if you want in my little "circle of trust."

Asha's Bio:

Asha Leong has always been a southern belle at heart and lives in Atlanta, GA. Asha is the product of many parents, is proud queerspawn, and above all loves her international family. Asha identifies as a queer, Femme, multi-racial, and immigrant. At heart, Asha is a community organizer with a passion for social justice who has spent a decade organizing for queer allied communities. When not rabble rousing with the queers Asha indulges her artistic side through writing, dancing, and performance art. Asha is proud to be published in the book Visible: Femmethology a celebration of Femme identity.

Al Schong's Bio:

It was a dark and stormy night in 2004 when the energizer bunny and the sticky sleez of 70’s porn finally had their love child: Al Schlong! His black flowing locks and dark eyes will mystify you. You will dream of running your hands down his smooth muscular body and consuming his flesh like a soft ripe peach. Al is a southern man and his words drip sweet from his lips like the sap of a pecan tree. However, his super charged, bunny speed, pelvic thrusts send Al’s huge signature cock in your direction, letting you know why we call all southern things “dirty dirty.” Once you experience Al’s throbbing, begging, erections you will feel that warm ooze you’ve been craving and may be unable to control your own urge to make it rain. Al is the perfect combination of glam rock and hard core, his performance is flawless and romantic in a back alley, I don’t need your number but your beautiful, bad boy, biker, horney, uncontrollable energy, furry, oh my god what was that, kind of way. He is in love with himself and it makes it impossible not to love him. Get some extra batteries for that vibrator because your going to need them after the show, Al is sure to turn all your switches on.